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OTHG MX LACR South National

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Last weekend was the OTHG MX LACR South National. Racers from all over California and surrounding areas came out to battle it out for two days of racing. All the racers rode at least 2 motos per day and a lowest overall score for the weekend would decide the overall winners. With summer coming to an end there were cooler temps in the morning and evenings.  Arriving the Friday to a fully packed track with many racers camping out. The LACR track crew did a great job to prepare the track. The course is about 1.5 miles long and nets around 2 minute lap times.

The pits filled up fast on Friday.

The N2Dirt riders showed excellent speed. With onsite suspension support the riders were able to get bikes checked out on dialed in before the races. The track got rough super fast with a lot of racers trying to set the pace to win. Our crew was busy setting sag and consulting riders on line selections and  racing strategy.

LIT Pro with onsite demos.

We were able to connect with the LITPro team to analyze on track data to improve lap times. Litpro is high definition GPS over-laid  on an over head photo of the most current track design. The data is very helpful to understand where you can make up time on the track. The guys were able to explain the applications power in racing. Adding sensors to test suspension speed and travel is the next step in the game for us. Real time data of what the suspension is doing to aid in tuning. This will help eliminate some of the guess work of getting good settings. Along with these options the Litpro shows what sort of G forces the rider is experiencing. There is a direct correlation of G force and lap times. We look forward to working with Litpro in the future.

Several N2dirt riders won throughout the weekend. Here’s a list of the winners:

  • Scott Sligar 58 Expert
  • Kevin Barda 52 Master
  • George Andrews 52 Intermediate
  • Sean Collier 30 Master
  • Brian Bolding 38 Master

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