Dal Soggio Sphere

SPHERE HYDRAULIC CARTRIDGE is an innovative, high performance hydraulic cartridge for demanding racers by Dal Soggio. Excellent for offroad and motocross applications. 

Why choose SPHERE?

The answer is very simple. This particular sealed and pressurized cartridge considerably increases precision and sensibility of the front end, giving better feel and bump absorption. The components are both high quality and built to be durable. With high quality coatings, precision in house machining, and settings developed to win you won’t be disappointed.

Which model of front fork is available?

SPHERE is available for all the following models and more to come: WP AER, 4CS, WP OPEN, SACHS, MARZOCCHI, SHOWA 49mm TAC And KAYABA PSF2

Inquire with N2Dirt about installation, springs, service, and settings.


Our Testing/Review With Motocross Action Magazine



Dal Soggio XP-One Kit

High performance kit to upgrade you 2017 KTM and Husky WP Xplor Fork on Enduro models.

This kit adds the parts that were left out of the fork to provide better performance.