New Bike Chassis Prep

New bikes need to be torn down and prepped to avoid costly repairs. Race bikes should have this service preformed once a year.

5.0 hours

Chassis torn down and all bearings and axles greased

Chain adjusters coated with anti-seize

All Electrical connections applied with di-electric grease(waterproofed)

Valves check or adjusted

All fasteners and motor mounts checked

Make sure air filer is oiled and sealed(replace as needed)

Set steering head tension

Install pre-fuel filter

Check spokes and set tire pressure

Check suspension setting and sag


Suspension Onsite Testing/Tuning

The N2Dirt crew can meet at Southern California tracks to help riders who have purchased a fork and shock revalve. We will provide ride height settings along with clicker adjustment to teach riders how to customize their suspension to meet their needs of changing conditions and obstacles.

Price TBD. Contact us as we frequently attend race events and can assist you.