DLC Coating

DLC coating (Diamond like Carbon) DLC coated inner tubes greatly reduces the friction, which provides smoother action over sharp impacts. The DLC coating is also harder and smoother than the standard chrome, and resists nicks from rocks that can create sharp nicks into surface which in turn cuts the oil seals that can turn into leaks.

Pricing includes removing and installing fork lugs. (some lugs may be damaged when removed and will need to be replaced).

Hard Anodizing – Fork Tubes

Fork upper tubes anodized. Not a performance gain but this will make your bike stand out from others. We offer glossy black, clear, and matte black.

Kashima Coating – Shock Body

Kashima Coat is a proprietary hard anodizing process that involves lubricating molybdenum disulfide deposited via electrical induction into the billions of micro-pores on the surface of hard-anodized aluminum for better lubrication and less abrasion and wear. This can only be done in Japan so check with us for a core swap or plan on 6-8 weeks down time for shipping and treatment.

Price is with good core swap only.

Kyokote Fork Upper Tubes

For fork upper tubes, our proprietary Kyokote process is second to none. The Kyokote process is equal in low friction performance to Kashima, but exceeds Kashima performance in heat transfer and toughness. Kyokote is a polymer impregnated hard anodize. The aluminum tubes are hard anodized, then impregnated with a special teflon polymer blend and sealed resulting in a hard, low friction surface (coefficient of static friction less than 0.05) with high thermal conductivity and excellent toughness. Unlike Kashima, Kyocote is done locally for quick turn around and available in both black and clear (clear typically comes out grey-gold in color).