The new MXT XPLR Cartridge System (XPLR) is the result of innovative engineering and a commitment to bring riders the best value in the suspension market. Major enhancements include:

  • 1.5 pounds lighter than a stock 4CS fork
  • Huck Valve
  • Leaf Spring Midvalve
  • Dual cartridges
  • DIY: This XPLR is drop in ready

The stock WP XPLR fork is a very low cost design that offers riders very soft suspension. In fact, riders who are more aggressive and attempt to push the stock forks at a higher than trail tour pace – find the forks too soft, unpredictable and easy to bottom. Due to the low cost design its very challenging to achieve a set-up that is firm enough for race pace, or even aggressive trail riding and yet soft enough to be comfortable. For this reason, we set out to develop a fork kit that would solve the issues by adding dual compression and rebound cartridges. These dual cartridges distribute valving equally between the both forks. Each side also has leaf spring midvalves, optimized pressure balance, and provides a broad performance profile for riders who expect a plush ride while maintaining excellent traction and control.

Traditional stock bottoming control system is limited in that it can’t manage multiple speeds or accelerations inside its travel. Stock systems can be adjusted to provide good control for either low or high-speed bottoming, but doing so limits the ability to absorb the other. The MXT Huck Valve manages the limitations of typical bottoming control systems. The Huck Valve has speed sensitive bottoming control, by incorporating a pressure sensitive valving mechanism. This allows for both high entry speeds and low entry speeds effectively. MXT Huck Valve equipped forks allows the set-up to be plusher while not sacrificing the overall control of the fork.

Bottom line, if you are looking for stronger suspension and better performance in the trails, this is one upgrade worth taking advantage of.