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N2Dirt Fork and Shock Servicing 

(Forks: KYB, SHOWA, WP) (Shocks: KYB, SHOWA, WP)

Keeping the suspension serviced is vital to keeping the bike working properly. N2Dirt Suspension service is thorough and concise. The forks and shock are completely disassembled, ultra sonic cleaned, measured, and inspected. Fork tubes and shock shafts with damage from rock nicks or burrs are polished on the lathe. Worn parts are replaced and the suspension is assembled to factory specifications. Previously re-valved suspension settings are updated to the latest settings as N2Dirt is continuously researching and testing. Shocks are vacuum bled to ensure consistency and air free rebuilds.

  • Complete disassemble, cleaning, and inspection of all parts
  • Valving is updated. Changes included at no charge for N2Dirt revalved suspension.
  • Forks rebuilt using OEM or SKF seals and bushings.
  • Shock rebuilt using OEM or SKF Sealhead and Low Friction Piston Rings.
  • Re-assembly using high quality racing fluids and vacuum pump system.
  • Springs and parts are NOT included in the price.


N2Dirt Shock and Fork Revalve 

(Forks: KYB, SHOWA, WP) (Shocks: KYB, SHOWA, WP)

To maximize performance N2Dirt customizes internal settings and installs high performance parts to give you the best possible feel. Revalved suspension offers personalized settings and baseline clicker settings, along with unrivaled tech support to aid in tuning. Revalving is custom tuned to type of riding, rider weight, ability, and terrain to maximize control and comfort. Midvalve, base valve, and oil capacity settings are customized. Any worn parts are replaced and the suspension is fully serviced.

  • Complete rebuild service
  • Comprehensive level changes to the suspension system. Including midvalve, basevalve, shims and rebound settings
  • Use of exclusive technology to produce the maximum performance, and reduced compromise
  • Springs and parts are NOT included in price.
  • Twin chamber Forks (additional)


On-Site Support 

Our service doesn’t stop once your suspension is done. N2Dirt frequently attends race events and practice days at multiple tracks all over Southern California.  We can offer the following for the day:

  • Test and tune your suspension during practice 
  • Set your sag
  • Sweep your gate
  • Check your entire bike before each practice / race
  • Adjust suspension depending on the riding conditions  
  • Fully assist in your race program 

We have a full, mobile shop van that we can bring to you!

Please call for pricing and to make an appointment.