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Mammoth Motocross Barda VS. Davis

For 50 years Mammoth transforms into a motocross town for 2 weeks every summer. With record snowfall this season getting the track dialed in for racing proved to be no simple task with over 2 million gallons of water in the parking lot just 2 weeks prior to the race.  The track crew did a great job in preparing for the races and everything was top notch.

The N2dirt crew was busy prepping bikes for Mammoth. Kevin Barda #852 joined the team this year. N2dirt custom tuned the suspension on his RMZ450 with a pro motocross setup. Kevin competed in the 40A and 50A classes. Riding in the higher altitude the bikes can be under powered. Kevin opted to have the N2Dirt team build the engine to increase the torque and horsepower though out the range. The result of a strong engine and good shock settings netted Kevin multiple holeshots. Kevin rode great and took the overall on Saturday in the 50A class after trading moto wins with another stellar N2Dirt rider Eddie Davis #155.

Barda kept the N2Dirt lead mechanic Brian Bolding busy both days as he raced two classes. His best overall finish in the 40A class was a 4th. Ed Davis would take the overall on Sunday by beating Barda in both motos by a near margin. Both N2dirt riders were able to start out in front of DR D,Doug Dubach in the 2nd moto of day 2. They were able to hold him off but not long. Dubach made a mistake and came away with a 3rd in the 2nd moto. This resulted in Davis 1st and Barda 2nd. Great results for 2 great riders on good equipment.

N2Dirt returned to mammoth for the Pro weekend with Thomas Wilcox racing the 250 class. Tommy was in a mad rush to get his KTM250SXF ready to get to the line the week leading up to the race. Faced with a broken transmission from a chain strike Tommy employed us to do a complete case swap and trans rebuild in 2 days. Faced with the challenge the lead mechanic was back at it and made it happen. Tommy showed up to the line and pulled a huge hole-shot with his freshly built motor and N2Dirt suspension hooking it up. Out of the 160 competitors that showed up in his class he walked away with a very respectable pair of 12th places after a great effort.

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MXA’s notice to KTM 250/350SXF owners

Last weekend at the REM races, N2-Dirt’s Brian Bolding found five KTM 350SXF’s with loose crank nuts on the clutch side. This nut cannot fall off the end of the crank, but it can spin against the case, wear enough aluminum away to clog the oil lines and even allows the snap ring and crank seal to walk out. We recommend that you check the nut on the end of the your KTM 250 or 350 crank — it does require draining the water and removing the impeller to get to. The first signs are some strange engine noises, followed by the cam chain tensioner’s hydraulic lines getting clogged and eventually a ton of aluminum in your oil filter (you may have to cut the oil filter open to see it). We talked to KTM and expect a KTM dealer bulletin to be sent out. This only affects KTM 250SXF and 350SXF engines and not the 450SXF.


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AER Air Piston Update

The 17.5 AER Fork received an update to the Air piston. We have found these to feel better with less friction after they are torn down and greased. The OEM grease is not sufficient and is grabby in the beginning of the range. We are updating all the older forks with this piston and the better grease. This is a great fork and a good design but needs some attention. Send us your fork and we can get you updated with the new piston and re-valve at the same time.

Read more here about the works mid-valve.